Exercise and Diet Consistency Key to 2020

Nov 17, 2020

 by Susa H van

Time to buckle down again this February 2020. All those New Year resolutions and always tipping the scale at number one is

Losing Weight!

So, the question is: is it Diet, Exercise, or a Consistency of both?

Let me tell you my story. In April of 2018 I walked into the studio one morning and without even saying good morning I declared
loud and for everyone to hear that I was going to lose 35 lbs.

I immediately started thinking: “How I am going to do this and why?” The Why was easy, it was a challenge. Did I truly need to
lose 35 lbs? Would it have made me happier? The answer is no, I just needed a new challenge.

Firstly, I wrote down four goals to achieve my desired weight.

1 . Having a protein shake every morning.
2.  Prepping my food for the next day.
3.  Making sure I have enough vegetables and protein with my
     lunch and supper.
4.  Doing 3 strength training sessions per week at Susafit and
     complementing it with some cardio.

I tried a dozen different “diets” and eating plans until my good friend and business partner told me that there is no such thing
as bad food, some foods are simply more nutritious than others. And you can always make better choices or do the best you can
in that specific moment.

In this journey I discovered the true meaning of food logging and being honest with oneself. However, the biggest lesson was the
importance of consistency. Consistency in logging and preparing food, doing grocery shopping, in showing up at the studio and
doing a workout, was an integral part of my success.
Long term consistency hands down beats inconsistent perfection, every time!

If Monday to Friday was not my best, then Saturday and Sunday just had to become better. I did not let an event, or a moment
define me.

Have I reached my goal?

Not yet! I still have 8 lbs to go, but slow and steady I am moving in the right direction with a total weight
loss of 27 lbs to date. This is a lifestyle change, a change that fits into my day to day life and day to day challenges.

Let 2020 be the year that you stop saying ‘This is the year’, and rather become ‘This is the year I did it!’.

If you need help with staying consistent in order to achieve your goals, call us or pop in the studio – we’d love to meet you.