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Our small group personal training starts at $20 per session and combines the benefits of personalized attention from a qualified trainer and a group dynamic's added support and motivation.


What you get when you sign up:
  • Small-group personal training

  • Individualized assessment and programming

  • Goal-setting guidance

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Workout sheets to track results

  • Monthly measurements to track your progress (optional)

  • Increased mobility

  • Accountability and lots of support

Your membership options

Initial commitment is 3 months, because we believe this is how long it takes to start seeing changes. After that we just ask for a 30 days notice to cancel. But we hope you stay as we provide lots of support, accountability and laughter. And of course the strength and mobility gains are not to be missed!

1 Class per Week

Per Month
Enjoy 1 class per week on our regular schedule.
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2 Classes per Week

Per Month
Enjoy 2 classes per week on our regular schedule.
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3 Classes per Week

Per Month
Enjoy 3 classes per week on our regular schedule.
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Unlimited classes

Per Month
Enjoy unlimited classes per week on our regular schedule.
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Nutritional coaching

The single most important variable in changing body composition is nutrition. A large percentage of your results will come from your nutrition choices. Some diets aren’t sustainable and lead to a poor relationship with food and body image. Our approach is to tailor a nutrition plan for you that is: sustainable, enjoyable, and effective. You should be able to continue improving your body composition without drastic highs and lows. If it doesn’t work, why do it? We aim to get you the best results that last. Consistency and patience are key on this journey.


Get personalized macros, meal plans, and success sessions at $150 per monthSay goodbye to yoyo dieting, restriction, setbacks, frustration, shame, and complex food rules to follow. Instead, develop the skills to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle to last a lifetime.


What you get when you sign up:

  • Personalized macros and meal plans.

  • Success sessions.

  • Daily accountability check-ins where you share your food logs and we give feedback. 

$150 per month.


It's possible

Tired of quick “cleanses” and fad diets that over-promise and under-deliver? Tired of weight loss programs that help you lose weight, only to gain it back, and then some? Tired of contradictory information on how to lose weight?

It's Possible is a 6-week program designed to help you become stronger, leaner, inspired, and disciplined by creating a healthy long-term relationship with whole foods and exercise that work for your body.


Kickstart a lifestyle change, reduce cravings, boost energy, and fall in love with taking care of yourself with our 14-day body reset plan. We will be with you every step of the way to help you stay on track and keep you accountable via scheduled weekly meetings. You will also be able to reach out to us directly at any time with any questions or concerns. Basically, we are always here for you!

Our support goes way beyond the 14 days. Once you are done with the program, you will always have us in your corner to help you stay successful long-term.

Are you ready?

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