Weight Loss?  Cardio or Strength Training?

Nov 17, 2020

 by Susa H van

Weight Loss?  Cardio or Strength Training?

This is the million dollar question I get asked daily. Which one is better for weight loss? Is one more superior than the other? Why when I do cardio does my watch show 400 calories burned but when I do strength training it only shows 150 calories burned?

Understanding what is cardio and what is strength training may seem simple at first.

  • Cardio or cardiovascular exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate for example a brisk walk on the dykes, running, a fast tempo group class, jumping rope any movement that makes you sweat.
  • Strength training or weight lifting activities make muscles stronger. For example, using Total Body Resistance Exercises (TRX), you use your own body weight as resistance. Using Sandbags, Dumbbells or Kettlebells to create a resistance while working out.


Benefits of Cardio Training

Cardiovascular training is exercise for your heart and lungs. During this type of training you are increasing and decreasing your heart rate and increasing its endurance as well as expanding lung capacity.  According to Dr. Howard Sichel, an American Physical Therapist, Cardio Vascular exercise has many benefits. First and foremost, it is the best exercise for one of the most important muscles in our body - our heart!! If you want to keep up with younger kids playing basketball or tennis, then you better start doing Cardio exercise to improve your heart health. If you get tired or out of breath walking up the stairs, do Cardio exercise!

Benefits of Strength Training

It is true you will burn more calories during a cardio session, however, you may be surprised to learn that developing greater strength and power enables more functional independence, or in layman terms, it will enable you to carry your groceries, and lift that bag of mulch…. that is to say, if you want to.  Dita was 70 years in age when she joined Susafit. Dita was so skinny and fragile when she joined that the most weight she could use was a 2 pound weight. Today she is age 74 and with consistent training is deadlifting a 50 pound sandbag and pushing 20 pound sandbags above her head.