Worried about Exercising during Pregnancy?

Nov 17, 2020

 by Susa H van

Exercise is it safe for Prenatal?

Don’t be! A 2019 Canadian Guideline for Physical Activity Throughout Pregnancy published by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology emphasizes that exercise during pregnancy is critical for good outcomes.  The Society recommends pregnant women should accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week over a minimum of three days per week.

I still hear stories from clients who are told by their relatives to sit and not to exercise. These guidelines help to change the old school of thought and open new doors to be able to do so much more.

Benefits of Prenatal Exercises:

  • Improved Fitness
  • Decreased postnatal depression
  • Decreased hypertensive disorder
  • Decreased rates of gestational diabetes
  • Decreased excessive maternal weight gain
  • Decreased rates of operative deliveries
  • Decreased urinary incontinence

The biggest change in guidelines is acknowledging that exercising on your back will not affect oxygen flow to the baby and that exercises putting pressure on the rectus abdominis (tummy muscles) will not cause Diastasis recti, but once it is diagnosed these strain exercises should be avoided.

If you are experiencing dizziness, headaches or pains and swelling it is time to stop.

First and foremost, make sure you have clearance from your healthcare provider prior to starting an exercise routine.

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Sources : Mottola et al 2019; ACOG 2015; CSEP 2019